Main Causes of Acne On Face

Lots were asked about the main cause of acne. Yes indeed, Acne is a scourge most feared by everyone, especially among teenagers, where the problem of acne is definitely approached the whole teenagers, ranging from the teen years to decades.

Lots of ways to eliminate acne offered by a wide range of products to cosmetics. However, a lot of people who do not know what type of acne and acne causes them, so it can not take the appropriate steps to menyebuhkan the acne problem.

The cause of acne is divided into two, namely the Internal and External Factors. People who have problems with acne pimples MANDATORY recognizing them into the Internal or External factors before deciding the next step.

Main Causes Incidence of Acne: Internal Factors

1. Have Oily Skin Type

Oily skin is the most preferred place by acne. Almost all people who have oily skin will easily feel a pimple growing on his face, and even can be in other places, such as in the back or neck. The levels of excess oil on the face can bind pores clogged by dirt, so that acne can be easily grown.

2. Log Period Puberty

Puberty is a time that is most convenient for the face covered with acne. Usually acne will stop off at the age of 13-25 years, depending on the lifestyle of each individual, acne can be lost sooner or severity may last even longer.

3. The descendants

Although heredity is one of the causes of acne, but do not ever blame your parents about this. You can bet 70% of children who have parents (formerly) acne, the child will also reduce the acne problem.

4. Moderate Stress or Many Thoughts

A university in Canada have studied the causes of acne, one of which is a stress condition one may be a problem acne.