6 Ways to Remove Acne Pus - Most Powerful

There are so many types of acne experienced by young people, ranging from cystic acne to acne pus. That is why this time I would like to discuss how to get rid of acne pus. Previously, we set aside for cystic acne, because it seems more people who experience acne pus. You need to know that the festering pimple is one type of acne that must be handled appropriately and quickly. Because in the acne containing pus, then the handling-even should be careful and should not be arbitrary.

What is the cause of festering pimple?

There are so many factors that cause acne pus, either because sewage, air pollution, often touching face with his hands up the body's hormones that are unstable. Many people prefer this festering squeeze pimples. Yes indeed, this is a quick solution, but you do not advocate to do it alone, especially without medical supervision, because if one could be fatal to your face.

Then, how to get rid of acne pus?

It's easy, all you have to do is to live healthy, like exercising and eating healthy food and drink, avoid junk food and fizzy drinks. If the festering pimple appears, do not panic, try to follow 13 to remove this festering pimple.

1. Do not squeeze or touch the festering pimple

Acne is a sensitive issue, never squeeze or touch the pimples by hand. Why? because it actually may worsen, especially if to squeeze a pimple to rupture. Pus out of pimples may spread to other skin and worsen your face because of a bacterial infection. If you've already, immediately use alcohol to clean festering pimple earlier.

2. Use the right soap

IMPORTANT! Do not like mutually soap. This is the most common thing that is usually done by young people. Try to find a soap that suits your face character. For example, such as your face is oily, look for a special soap oily skin, to get rid of acne pus, it is advisable to look for soap that contains salicylic acid, because the compound can reduce acne.

3. Time enough sleep, 8 hours a day

Lack of sleep can cause stress, and stress can cause acne. Approximately like that connection is right to address the problem of acne. By regulating our sleep time, sleep at least 8 hours a day, can help eliminate the festering pimple on the face.

4. Do not use excessive cosmetics

Excessive use of cosmetics is the most common things that can cause acne pus. Because often excessive use of cosmetics or too thick can clog pores, which in turn can be dirt and cause acne.

5. Honey is the most efficacious drug

How to remove acne pus most powerful to date is to use honey. Only, is necessary to ensure that honey is used pure honey, which has not been mixed with any material.

Why should the honey?

Honey is the most potent natural antibiotic. Efficacy contained in honey can kill all the germs and bacteria in the pimple pus.

Honey has an osmotic effect that is useful to absorb the pus in the pimple and simultaneously also could be releasing hydrogen peroxide, a substance that can kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Honey does not have any side effects on facial acne.

Honey can remove excess oil on the face, so as to minimize the emergence of new festering pimple on your face.